Issues associated with the use of social media tools


Some of the issues associated with the use of social media could be:

  • staff training and development – training staff or hiring staff to manage the use of these tools
  • redeveloping policies, manuals, strategies and objectives
  • stress on management / policy makers
  •  cost factor – training / development etc
  • creating social media guideline, for example :

The University of Virginia applies the following:

  • The legal caution – for example face book and You Tube impose “click through” Terms of Service agreements that are not acceptable for a Virginia public institution to execute.  In other words, you will be personally, solely responsible for any legal claims that might arise as a result of the agreement you “signed” by clicking to agree on the terms of service.(The University of Virginia Library Style Guides : 2014)
  • Copy of State Library – NSW,  Social Media Policy can be viewed here
  • A Fellow blogger, Brian Mathews @ the Blog Network and who is also an Associate Dean for Learning & Outreach at Virginia Tech., did a personal research and came up with the following :

40% no policy
40% are currently working on a policy or have one in draft form
20% have a policy in place (B.Mathews:2014)


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