Unit Reflection..My Favorite Media Type…Was I Surprised by the Way Libraries use social media to engage and connect with their users?


The Unit Title: Use Social Media Tools for Collaboration and Engagement

I started late with this unit because of some personal circumstances, I was pretty stressed until I attended my first class and totally terrified when I found my assessment was on blogging. I had never blogged before!! But in the end, it all worked out. I was not new to some of the social media tools – like Facebook and You tube – these I almost use on a daily basis. Thanks to this unit I know about so many other tools and cannot wait to use them, in the future. The only reason I am not using them all now is the time constraints on my part!! This has greatly benefited in my personal life as well, that is, I am better acquainted with what my teenage niece and nephews get up to on the computer, and now I can learn more from them with the latest tools that come up and apply in the future in my library career.

I was not too surprised by the way libraries use social media because I come across posts from Libraries on my wall on face book, and see videos on Facebook. What I am surprised with is the amount of pressure and challenges the social media tools have for the library and with the increase in social media tools – means another new policy!!



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